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0.07 ETH per mint
Max per TX : 50

The Story

The year is 2077, humanity is gone and the zombies have overrun the cities and seized a lot of the military stockpiles. However, they didn’t count on the genetically enhanced ferocity and cunning traits of the gorilla regime. The Gorilla oasis stronghold is under attack but they will never surrender.

The Artist

George Trosley has been a Hustler Magazine cartoonist for over 30+ years. His work speaks for itself with its sharp, unique and in your face attitude in his pieces. Expect the same with this project.

Every single Freak and trait you see has been 100% hand drawn in Trosley’s studio (with no assistance from AI or computers). Once sketched, the trait is inked and then colored with markers, color pencils, etc. The physical pieces are then scanned, white space removed and positioned for your viewing pleasure.

The Plan

10,000 Zombies & Gorillas in total will be sold at .07 ETH. The price will not increase/decrease during the course of the sale to remain fair. There will be a whitelist available for early supporters before the main sale. There are over 200+ traits in this collection and each freak will be generated to maintain authenticity.

The Project

The Troz

George Trosley is a well-known cartoonist, who has been drawing for Hustler Magazine for over 30 years, and has also built his own portfolio based around his love for cars.

The Art

Every single Jungle Freak and trait has been hand-drawn and curated in Trosley’s studio (with no assistance from AI or computers). After ink and color, each piece of art is finalized by his son, who removes white space and optimizes formatting.

The Sweat

You will see traits in this collection that you have never seen before. Raw, graphic, and insane are all words that come to mind when describing the traits in this collection. The thought process for how each trait fits in stylistically and keen attention to detail are aspects that we hope every collector can appreciate.

The Result

The Troz and his son have poured their heart and soul into this project. They have worked on this tirelessly for hours every day, and collaborated on everything from the project's storyline to character development. It has been one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things they have ever done together and hope everyone appreciates the final product!

The Roadmap

25% Sold

5 NFT giveaway contest will be held between 25% and completion.

50% Sold

Rare, limited edition pieces will be begin to be airdropped to randomly selected holders.

75% Sold

5 ETH will be deposited into the Freak Fund and dispersed to randomly selected Freaks for their valued support in the community.

100% Sold

We begin work on a free generative drop for all holders, to be released a few months from sale end. We also begin fleshing out the Jungle Freaks universe!

50-100 will be minted by the team for the team, giveaways, honoararies, and more.

Meet the Team










George Trosley, working on the JUNGLE FREAKS, caught in action.

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